Domestic Gas Appliance Services

Gas is a killer and it’s a fact that it continues to be so, even when this is fully preventable. Appliances are usually sighted as the reasons for fires and explosions, leaks or even worse carbon monoxide poisoning.

Commercial regulations ensure landlords comply with a pro-active annual inspection and certification to be allowed to place people in their premises. It should in essence be no different with the domestic home although having certificates for appliance inspected is not a legal requirement at this time.

By its very nature gas is highly combustible. Safe appliances burn gas in a controlled manner to help us heat our homes and cook our food. Should gas leak from a faulty appliance or pipework, it can spread quickly and there is a risk of it accidentally igniting causing a fire or explosion, with potentially devastating results.

If you have any signs of damage or corrosion (rust, green discolouration) on your gas pipework or you suspect a gas leak we would recommend requesting one of our gas safe engineers. The observation spotted could cause a leak if left unchecked. Any such check should involve a tightness test to ensure there are no gas leaks and a visual inspection of the installation to check that it is in good condition.

Let us complete a walk through inspection today, the cost is minimal, the peace of mind is priceless.

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