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What you need to know about gas safety checks

What you need to know about gas safety checks

There are rules and regulations that a landlord has to adhere to when it comes to health and safety, and that includes anything linked to gas that is in the property.

So, as a landlord, what do you need to do? By law, you need to have your gas checked to see if it’s safe, and a Certificate issued to confirm that, prior to letting a property.

But not just anyone can do these checks, you can’t get away with writing on a piece of paper to say, ‘yes it’s all safe’! You have to have a Gas Safe Registered engineer around to the property, and they’ll check not only the appliances, but all systems, the pipework and any flues.

The Certificate will last for 12 months, and you must give a copy to the tenants when they move in, and every year after that, within 28 days of the check.

The landlord needs to keep copies for at least two years of all the checks that have been made.

If you’re letting a brand new property, then there will have been a certificate issued at the time the appliances were installed.

You will need to ensure that everything is included within the check.

In terms of maintenance, you have a duty to carry out repairs where needed, and you should liaise with tenants to gain access to ensure that repairs are carried out in a timely manner. Ensure they tell you if anything goes wrong, so that you can quickly rectify it.

You should avoid any second hand gas appliances.

Ensure you provide emergency instructions to tenants, showing them how to turn off the gas if necessary, and know where the meter is. They should know who to contact in an emergency.

For any gas appliances, tenants should have copies of the operating instructions.

If you re-let the property and the gas safety certificate is still valid, you should give another copy of the certificate to the new tenants, but also check the appliances yourself, to see if there is anything visual that looks out of place.



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